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16.50-15 Padla Trak #2 Play Cut


16.50-15 Padla Trak #2 Play Cut 16.50-15 Padla Trak #2 Play Cut
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16.50-15 Padla Trak #2 Play Cut



16.50-15 Padla Trak #2 Play Cut

Item: 3910 | Mfg #: 16.50-15

16.50-15 Padla Trak #2 Play Cut

Color: Black

Size: 15in Wheel


Your Price: $815.00


Product Description

This sand tire is a favorite of people running heavy (1200 lbs and more) sand cars with less than 150 horsepower. 4x4 people choose this sand tire as the rear tire almost without exception. They use this sand tire for recreation and competition. We have 10 different grooving options for this tire so it is well suited to all applications in its class. This tire's thin paddles are best for air cooled engines. It's thick paddles are best for V8 engines up to 450 horsepower. The tire hold many class competition records. The tire works best on wheels 15 to 18 inches wide.

Average tire weight: ~32lbs

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