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20.00 Padla Trak #2 Play Cut


20.00 Padla Trak #2 Play Cut
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20.00 Padla Trak #2 Play Cut



20.00 Padla Trak #2 Play Cut

Item: 3915 | Mfg #: 20.00-15

20.00 Padla Trak #2 Play Cut

Color: Black

Size: 15in Wheel

Retail Price: $673.53

Your Price: $654.95


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Product Description

And... HERE's THE BEEF! This BAD BOY of the dunes is for the big horsepower 4x4's, big as in excessive horsepower, 450 hp and up! This is the super, all-out hill climbing, drag racing monster sand tire. Put this mega bite tire on 15 to 20" wide wheels. Your history for the day... this is the mega biting sand tire that took "No-Doze", the first 4 cylinder sand dragster, to under 3 seconds in the 100 yard race. Oh baby, bite that sand. And this monster has an appetite for mud-bogs and snow. The big, wide foot print makes it ideal for both. WARNING Due to this sand tires excessive amount of mega bite bite bite, the tire requires special mounting.

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