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33-15 Sand Blaster - #1 Play Cut


33-15 Sand Blaster - #1 Play Cut
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33-15 Sand Blaster - #1 Play Cut



33-15 Sand Blaster

Item: 11824 | Mfg #: 33-15 SB

33-15 Sand Blaster #1 Play Cut

Color: Black

Size: 15in Wheel

Retail Price: $496.70

Your Price: $489.95


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Product Description

This 33 Inch tall Blaster with a 15 Inch wheel is a good versatile Sand Dune Tire that can fit Buggies, Trucks, or even Jeeps.  With a common 15 Inch wheel it makes it almost too simple to find some vehicle to put these on.

#1 Play Cut - Keep the smaller #1's..

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